Roadmap to impact
Our Strategy and Project Plan

Team Highlights & Operations
Our Experience & Know-How
  • Payout analysis on prematch and live betting.
  • Analysis of risk, players. and the game in general
  • Abuser analysis and bonus redemption.
  • Retail operations - analysis of the operations themselves and help in achieving good results.
  • Promotion of betting offers.
Casino Operations
  • Bonus strategising.
  • Promotions one step ahead of the competition, etc. promotions planning
  • Bonus definitions
  • Tracking players activity
  • Risk management Anti-fraud
  • Finance
  • VIP sales
  • Retention
  • Product management
Affiliate management
  • We'll do it all to promote growth of your affiliate program. First, we'll set up everything your existing affiliates need to promote: banners, materials, PR texts, etc. Second, we'll make sure to lure the new prospects in: welcome bonus presentations, acquisition campaign, efficient call to action design, conversion-driven texts, etc. Finally, we'll analyze all the critical areas. Our goal is to determine what channels are bringing in 80% of your most loyal customers.
Marketing with no stone left unturned
Direct Marketing

Marketing with no stone left unturned, specifically done to push your gaming business forward. Any channel - SMS marketing, push notifications, pop ups - as long as it works.

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management
  • Repeat sales and direct upsells
  • Newsletters and lead nurturing
Social Media
  • We're a team of creative professionals. From brand, social media, and branding to illustrations, design, and graphic design.

    We know how to deliver creative quality from a diverse group of talented people with years of experience in the industry. Anything it takes to make your brand stand out on social media.

    We'll create integrated marketing campaigns for you that will captivate your customer base and generate new leads and satisfied customers. That encompases: media planning and content creation, photo and video design, sponsoring and boosting posts.

  • Turn your website into an A-class sales agent. Your website should not just look good and inform - it should help you turn warm prospects into customers. Here are the four areas where we could help:

  • Banners- we’ll create, place, link, and optimize for conversions. From acquisition bonuses to retention promotions.

  • Pop-Up - we’ll ensure they stand out and spike the conversion curve. You define the purpose, we run the ads.
  • Notifications - we’ll build, propagate, and make sure they’re up to date. This includes bonus allocations, tournament starts, and more.
  • Promotion page - we’ll analyze your audience segment and build landing pages to get them to take action.
Google Ads

Personal cross-platform ads that drive the outcomes, with the power of automated and integrated campaigns. Here’s just a brief look at what we could help you with:

  • Attract and inform new leads
  • Acquisition of new players 
  • Brand Awareness
  • Cross-channel ads: Google Display, YouTube, Websites
Lead Generator

You need to identify new markets and opportunities and optimize your sales funnels for your iGaming business? VIPstaple will help you! Rest assured, VIPstaple will provide you with complete and detailed strategy plans and all the insights you need to track the results of your leads unlocking your new audiences. 2:13 VIPstaple’s team understands the importance of compliance within the iGaming ecosystem and will always guarantee you a Lead Generation campaign that is checked and verified, as well as optimized and affordable for whatever your budget might be.

  • We don't just set and forget. At VIP staple we ensure your budget is set to support only best-performing campaigns. From search, social, and video to display and programmatic campaigns - your brand will get the visibility it deserves.”We don't just set and forget. At VIP staple we ensure your budget is tuned to support only the best-performing campaigns. From search, social, and video to display and programmatic campaigns - your brand will get the visibility it deserves.

Make instant impact with right advices

Being our customer means you’re our VIP partner. Our goal is to take a good care of our partners. Based on years of industry experience, VIPstaple’s team of experts can contribute in the following areas:

Target markets, Licensing, Company forms / structures, Company strategy, Technical implementation

Business Development Consulting

Business development is never just about the business. It’s about the product, support, and entirety of online and offline operations. Here’s what we may help you with

  • Business Development - communication with providers and partners regarding concerns, functionalities, new games, preparation of promotions and the execution of external promotions.
  • Product Preparation – Complete product preparation according to agreed and predefined plans and process.
  • Support and Communication – Informing and educating internal support teams about online operations.
design  optimized for betting
Make instant impact with right advices
Custom UI/UX and brand design

Our team of experts can help you build optimized and smooth web experience. We already know the market demands and expectations, we just need to put it in purpose. 

  • Custom UI/UX design for the whole platform including sports betting page, live betting page, casino lobby, custom profile and widgets.
  • Careful market research and design optimization for easier use and feel for players.
  • User and Usability testing from player reviews and improvements for final implementation.
Why choosing VIPSTAPLE

At VIPstaple, we love betting and gaming. With a team made up of industry specialists, we focus on bringing tangible results. We work closely with our clients – successful gaming brands – to provide full-service consultancy as well as more bespoke marketing solutions. Unrivaled expertise and powerful connections within the industry – that’s what we bring to the table. If you want to take your business a step further – we’ll be happy to talk.


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